AFL-CIO and LCC Resources for Law Students

The AFL-CIO is a voluntary federation of 56 national and international labor unions. The AFL-CIO union movement represents 12.5 million members, including three million members in Working America, its community affiliate. The mission of the AFL-CIO is to improve the lives of working families, and to bring economic justice to the workplace and social justice to our nation.

The AFL-CIO Lawyers Coordinating Committee (LCC), which was founded to support legal representation for unions affiliated with the AFL-CIO, consists of over 2,000 lawyers from union legal departments and law firms across the country.

The AFL-CIO and the LCC sponsor the following programs to help law students and recent law graduates interested in working in the labor movement:

The LCC Hiring Hall

The LCC Hiring Hall is a monthly list of labor law positions posted by our members. Hiring Halls are available at:

The LCC Resume Bank

The LCC sponsors a Resume Bank. If a LCC attorney or LCC-affiliated labor law professor sponsors you, the LCC will post your resume in the LCC Resume Bank, which is posted on the LCC members-only website, where LCC members look for job candidates. For more information, contact

The LCC Minority Outreach Program

The LCC’s Minority Outreach Program encourages law students of color to apply for summer clerkship opportunities at LCC law firms and legal departments. The outreach program seeks to introduce minority law students to the practice of law in the labor movement and to encourage them to join the ranks of union-side attorneys in the ongoing battle for social and economic justice. For more information visit

AFL-CIO Fall, Spring and Summer Law Clerk Program

The AFL-CIO’s Legal Department seeks law clerks to assist on a variety of legal and public policy issues throughout the year. Law clerk duties include legal research and writing in a wide range of areas, including the National Labor Relations Act and a host of legislative, regulatory and public policy matters. Applicants must have a demonstrated interest in issues affecting working families. 2Ls preferred. To apply, send cover letter, resume, transcript and writing sample to Matt Ginsburg,